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Pardon Our Dust!



Sea Gull is in the process of renovations!

We understand that this project brings up questions for those have already booked or are considering staying with us during this improvement phase. In an effort to help create a better experience for our guests while they stay with us during this time, we have created a FAQ section below.

We are building a better Sea Gull.  Some of the key improvements we will see throughout this project include:


Railing Replacement – The railings at Sea Gull are going to be replaced by modernized aluminum railing which will greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of our building. Building Painting – Areas of the building will be receiving a fresh coat of paint to help revitalize the property.

Patio Restoration – Each of the patios will receive a facelift.  The ceilings will be retextured and each patio will be tiled.  While this provides better protection for the building, it will also provide a clean and appealing surface to better enjoy the coastal views we all love at the Sea Gull. Replacement Windows– The windows in general areas like the lobby and meeting room and other common areas will be replaced with new, insulated glass.

Common Walkway Rehabilitation – The common walkways used to access the front doors of units will be renovated.  The ceilings will receive new stucco like coatings, the floors will be recovered and stained and the railings will be replaced with new aluminum railing. Swimming Pool Bridge – The swimming pool bridge will be renovated and will likely include similar railing product from the rest of the building.  This is a popular focal point and we are hoping to revitalize this amenity.

Upgraded Sundeck Railing – The railing at the sundeck and the path that leads to the swimming pool area is expected to also have a facelift. More to Come– as we continue to take steps to improve Sea Gull Condominiums we will keep all of our guests and owners aware.




During the Summer months of June and July and August the contractors will be focused on railing replacement.  This will take place in common areas as create very minimal impact on access to units or common areas.  At any given time the crews will be working on various floors replacing small sections of handrails on the common walkways.  The areas will have safety railing installed and will still allow thru access for people walking to and from their condos.

There will be periods of elevated noise while the old railings are removed.  The contractor plans to limit this noise from 10AM to 4PM.

FALL 2024

In Fall 2024 the crews will be completing the railing as well as working on completion of patio work. This will reduce availability of some units during this time frame.  As work is scheduled, if your reservation will be impacted you will be contacted to be made aware and if adjustments are needed, options will be presented to you at that time.


  • Will construction occur on the weekends?

    The overall goal of the property is to maintain a weekday construction schedule with limited work on Saturdays when necessary. We plan to restrict any work involving elevated noise levels in the Summer to the hours of 10AM to 4PM Monday thru Friday.

  • What should I expect during a stay while construction is taking place?

    Expect elevated construction noises and other construction phases to occur during the weekdays, that would be scheduled to start at 10 AM and commence by 4 PM. Please do not leave your items out and left unattended as they may get damaged in passing or misplaced. Parking may be limited at times, specifically with regard to boats or large trailers. There will be times in which common areas are temporarily unavailable, however most often, guests can expect temporary detours to access some common areas. Crews will be renovating the common walkways in front of units to include railing replacements. When those specific floors / wings of the building are being addressed, those areas will be completely inaccessible. If your existing reservation lines up with a timeframe of interruption in access, we will contact you with options for adjustments in your accommodations at Sea Gull. As they wash areas of the buildings, there may be excess water in areas, these areas being washed will be published each day on site.

  • What are my options if the condo I chose is impacted during my stay?

    Our team plans to stay in contact with our valued guests ahead of time to help assist with questions and relocating those who have chosen a condo that will be affected during the time of their stay. If construction is going to directly impact your existing reservation, then the Sea Gull team will be contacting you to present you with available options. Most of the time, the impacts will be indirect with temporary inconveniences. Certain elements of the project will make units unavailable for access. This my impact the availability of the unit you have reserved. If the unit you have reserved will not be available, you will be contacted related to options.

  • Where will construction take place?

    Construction will take place throughout the entire resort and in different phases. This could mean painting of ceilings, stairwells, condo unit balconies and walkways, etc.

  • How long will construction last?

    Overall projects are expected to continue through the Fall of 2024.